Hi here’s Marcus R. Knupp,

I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany (1978), and cultivated a youthful spirit and curiosity for the world while growing up in both Europe and the United States. As an illustrator I freely work with handmade and digital drawing, and utilizes a wide array of techniques, languages and experiences to mirror the world around me and my interests in fine arts, fashion, comics and culture at large.

I’ve been based in Berlin for 12 years, during which time I’ve developed a strong relationship to the city and the trends that fluctuate here, and situated myself as a freelance illustrator with clients in Berlin and abroad.

Clients Include:

  • > Liganova (Berlin offices)
  • > haeberlein & mauerer
  • > No74 Store Berlin
  • > ZweiDrei Architekten gmbh
  • > AER Scents
  • > Cookies Events
  • > Pretzlaw
  • > Good Technology Collective
  • > Red Curls Records
  • > Late Night City Tracks
  • > Birdman Yakitori Pub


Get in touch using the contact form below. Alternately you can reach me via mrknupp.works@gmail.com

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All images copyright by Marcus R. Knupp